the Legend of saigon blonde

 During one of history’s most devastating wars, hidden deep in the heart of the capital of Vietnam, lay a safe haven known as Saigon Lounge. The proprietor, a beautiful blonde of Vietnamese and French descent, had created an oasis for locals and soldiers alike.  She had two rules: leave your weapons at the door and enjoy! It was the one place where soldiers from all sides could escape the horrors that lay just beyond those bar walls. Her beauty matched her kindness, which provided a peaceful respite from an ugly reality. This lovely sanctuary was one of the best kept secrets of Saigon.  Sadly one day towards the end of the war, the doors were boarded up and she was nowhere to be found. An unsolved mystery, until one day her legacy was reborn in the heart of downtown Saint Petersburg. Saigon Lounge became Saigon Blonde in her honor. Now the residents of Saint Petersburg have a beautiful escape from our modern busy lives.

Inspired by the 60s era, Saigon Blonde welcomes you into the the front bar’s flickering tiki totems and sweeping murals to complement an eclectic menu of cocktails that reflect the colors and flavors of the Pacific Rim. The tiki bar gives way to a sultry tropical lounge with hanging lanterns, plush printed furniture, and towering paintings. Farther back, shrouded in darkness, the military bar holds down the back of the space. Two separate and unique bars, tropical seating areas and beautiful second floor intimate lounge, make Saigon Blonde the perfect spot for any occasion. Whether a business meeting, bachelorette party, post-work drink, date night or simply relaxing, this is the place to be.