Tampa Bay Times: New Restaurants and Bars in Saint Petersburg

“Best cocktail list in Tampa Bay

Quench your thirst with these bar programs.

Saigon Blonde

The "Alpacas Are Awesome" cocktail at Saigon Blonde in St. Petersburg.

It’s a fever dream, like that time you got the flu after watching Apocalypse Now. You’re not going to see Walter Kurtz or Tyrone “Clean” Miller, but the whole vibe of this newish bar takes you to ‘60s-era Vietnam: tiki totems, tropical printed rattan furniture, a dim expat bar overhung by an old airplane wing, bamboo ceilings, reproductions of Vietnam War propaganda posters and photos of lush Vietnamese rice paddies.

Saigon Blonde is a high-concept bar with a Vietnam War-era theme, design details and exotic cocktails.

You’re aiming for a Ring of Fire (Street Pumas blended scotch, simple syrup, bitters, house-made “hellfire water” and Korean chile threads) or a Charlie Don’t Surf (Avuá Cachaca, banana liqueur, caramelized banana and lime). saigonblonde.com

Address: 265 Central Ave., St. Petersburg

Phone: (727) 827-7577

Price: $”